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Identive opens online NFC store

Identive Group, which is supplying NFC stickers to the Google Places NFC trial in Austin, Texas, has opened an online store for NFC products.


The store offers an NFC software development kit, an NFC reader/writer for desktop PCs at US$69, a reader for laptop PCs at $39 as well as Google-branded NFC tags in Type 1, Type 2 and Type 4 formats. Tag prices range from US$0.85 per unit for 1,000 Type 1 tags to US$2.00 per unit for the minimum order quantity of ten Type 4 tags.

“NFC is going to radically change how we communicate, get and use information and transact business by giving us the means to turn our smart phones into all-in-one mobile devices,” says David Holmes, vice president mobility and NFC at Identive Group. “The IdentiveNFC marketplace offers application developers, OEMS, infrastructure providers and end users the tools they need to create new solutions for the emerging NFC ecosystem.”

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