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UPM and CustomerIn develop NFC solution for restaurants

NFC tag supplier UPM RFID and software developer CustomerIn have introduced Connected Restaurant, an NFC solution for restaurants which is designed to improve customer service, increase cross-selling opportunities and accelerate table turnover.


When diners enter a restaurant, they tap their NFC-enabled phones against an NFC-tagged poster at the front desk, which prompts them to download the Connected Restaurant application. Customers can then use the tool to check in, request a specific table, browse specials, read other diners’ menu reviews and order appetizers and drinks.

Diners receive a text message when their table is ready. They can then tap their phone against tagged menus to receive detailed information about entrees, such as ingredients, calorie counts and sodium levels. Finally, they can use their NFC phone to summon waiters, monitor their orders, request a check and review and pay their bill.

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