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Huawei U8650NFC ‘Sonic’ Android phone on its way

The new NFC phone, Huawei’s first, is believed to be a sub-US$200 device running Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Details of Chinese handset maker Huawei’s first NFC phone are now available to view on the FCC’s website.

The QISU8650NFC-1, also known as the Huawei Sonic, is an Android device with the NFC antenna built into the back of the battery cover:

Huawei Sonic NFC antenna
SONIC: NFC antenna is inside battery cover. Click to enlarge.

The user manual includes a section on how to use the device’s NFC tag handling capabilities, but there is no mention of secure NFC services and it’s not clear from internal images whether the phone includes an embedded secure element:

Huawei Sonic main board
U8650NFC: Sonic's internal layout Click to enlarge.

The U650NFC-1 is believed to be the same device as the Huawei Sonic, a sub-$200 Android phone which was captured in action at a recent Huawei event by

The device is expected to be put on sale by mobile network operator Turkcell in Turkey in the near future, where it will be marketed as the Turkcell T20.

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  1. The handset is labeled as very low-end and cheap device in the video while it looks much better than the Samsung Player one being used in most of the NFC roll-out globally.

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