Nokia video shows high speed, high capacity tag technology

Nokia Research Center has released a video touting a high-speed data transfer system that allows mobile phones to interact with high capacity tags at up to 100Mbits per second.

The Explore and Share technology was first unveiled in 2009 at Nokia World, with a demonstration showing how a consumer could download an MP3 music track to their mobile phone in just 10 seconds.

The new video shows how Explore and Share could allow consumers to transfer information at high speeds between devices, update device software wirelessly and download and share up to 1Gbit of information via ‘Express’ tags.

NFC tags available today, by comparison, have much smaller storage capacities and slower transfer speeds of between 106Kbps and 424Kbps.

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  1. They don’t say wether the tag is passive or not. If not, i don’t see the “breakthrough”, maybe a Bluetooth + NFC powered tag. NFC used for devices pairing and BT fo the data transfer?

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