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One million Chinese consumers adopt Watchdata’s NFC technology in just four months

Growth in the Chinese mobile payments market has helped Watchdata sell another million of its NFC Simpass devices in just four months.

WATCHDATA: The firm’s Simpass NFC add-on works with 80% of mobile phones

While the rest of the world remains firmly in the pre-rollout stages of NFC technology, the adoption rate in China is running at an ever higher rate, according to Watchdata.

Four months ago, Watchdata produced its two millionth Simpass device, an NFC add-on that provides almost any standard mobile phone with the ability to make mobile contactless payments.

Now, the company says it has broken the three million unit mark for the rollout of its Simpass technology.

The majority of Watchdata’s devices are being distributed via China Telecom which officially launched an NFC version of the Yang Cheng Tong Card, for public transport and other local payments, in Guangzhou and Foshan provinces in February.

China Telecom has issued almost two million Simpass devices to date in more than 20 provinces in China, says Watchdata, and a recent survey conducted by China Telecom has found that:

  • 90% of Simpass users are actively using the service to make payments
  • 32% of subscribers switched to China Telecom to access mobile payments

Simpass works with 80% of handsets on the market and can be used to make payments at more than 20,000 points of sale across China, including farmers’ markets where consumers can pay for fresh vegetables and seafood with their mobile phones.

Speaking at the Cartes Asia conference, Dr Sean Gao, Watchdata’s vice president of product and marketing, said the firm was looking for global expansion.

“We are looking to replicate the success of Simpass in China around the world,” he said, “making it the unifying solution for different stakeholders that would hopefully become a mobile payment standard in the industry.”

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