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ACS launches NFC reader with interactive LCD display

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of smart card readers has launched an NFC reader with a built-in two line LCD display.

ACR122L NFC reader from ACS
NFC READER: Advanced Card Systems' ACR122L has a two-line LCD display

The ACR122L from Advanced Card Systems (ACS) builds on the success of its ACR122 series of contactless readers by offering users a visual guide to their transaction which the company says will provide a more intuitive, interactive experience.

“As one of the pioneer developers of NFC readers, we are proud to add ACR122L to our line of contactless readers,” said Gilbert Leung, sales director at ACS.

“ACR122L provides users with the advantage of having an LCD, a visual guide on the contactless operations they are performing. Ultimately, it presents a more interactive experience for the users and caters for a wide variety of applications where such an advantage is important.”

Last year the Hong Kong-based firm launched an NFC reader which incorporates a fingerprint sensor, enabling biometric identification and verification to be added to PC-based contactless and near field communication applications.

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