Motorola cool on leaping into NFC market

Motorola has said it will only add NFC to its smartphones when it believes the market is ready, TechRadar reports.

Despite other manufacturers saying near field communication is going to be big over the next 12 months, product marketing director for Motorola Mobility Paul Nicholson said the company was still looking at the implications of introducing the technology:

“It’s about finding the right point in time for NFC. We’re clearly looking to deploy an initiative in that area when that time comes.

It’s going to be next big thing in the smartphone world, enabling users to get rid of their wallet and car keys and just have it in a smartphone.

“However, consumers’ main concerns are about security, and we’re looking hard at those elements. When the time’s right, we will deploy it, but we’re still evaluating what the implications are.”

Nicholson wouldn’t be drawn further on timing, stating that for nearly a decade he’d heard the technology was coming and it was still yet to fully materialise. Motorola holds a number of core NFC patents and joined Via Licensing’s NFC patent pool in 2009.

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