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Orange UK launches NFC ready ‘Orange Cash’ account

Orange UK has launched Orange Cash, a prepaid account that can be used at any MasterCard accepting merchant equipped with a contactless point-of-sale terminal.

The new Orange Cash account is currently available in the form of a MasterCard contactless card but is clearly designed to be part of the operator’s NFC service offering, due to launch in partnership with Barclaycard during the second quarter of this year.

“The announcement follows the launch of the Orange contactless credit card in 2010 and this year’s roll out of a commercial contactless mobile payments service on Orange,” according to the official announcement.

“Perfect for the first time bank card user, the Orange Cash prepaid card costs just £5 and can be loaded up to £5,000 with the peace of mind that you can never spend more than you load,” says Orange UK. “The card is also ideal for students who want to manage their spending and for holidaymakers who want a hassle free, safe alternative to cash so they can focus on kicking back and enjoying the sun.”

After registering their card, customers will be able to access the main features of their Orange Cash account from their mobile to keep up to date on any transactions. The account can be topped up with funds at more than 22,000 PayPoint shops and petrol stations across the UK, at 12,000 Post Offices, over 450 Orange Retail stores and online on the Orange Cash website. Customers can also top up their Orange Pay As You Go Phone from their Orange Cash account and can also transfer funds between Orange Cash cards.

Orange Cash comes with a bonus scheme that lets customers earn points as they spend. These can then be redeemed for Pay As You Go Orange texts, airtime, credit or Orange shop vouchers. Customers will be able to use the account to make purchases of up to £15 at any merchant in the UK or abroad equipped to handle contactless payments.

“With Orange Cash, users will not only benefit from the convenience and control our new contactless prepaid card will offer them, but the unique ability to collect and redeem rewards against future Orange products and services – helping them make their money really work for them each time they spend,” says Pippa Dunn, vice president of Orange Propositions.

The Orange Cash card is issued, and has been developed by, prepaid services specialist PrePay Solutions.

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