NFC Forum publishes transport ticketing white paper

The NFC Forum has published a white paper that provides an introduction to the potential uses and benefits of NFC technology in public transportation.

‘NFC in Public Transport’ includes an overview of near field communication technology, a variety of use cases for NFC and an outline of the benefits of NFC for both travellers and public transport operators. The white paper also explains the NFC ticketing process and implementation options as well as providing details of four transport ticketing pilot trials.

“NFC technology can provide many benefits to both transport operators and travelers,” says the NFC Forum. “The use of NFC in mobile phones, transit contactless readers, and smart posters enables fast and easy ticketing, speedy access control, the downloading of pertinent travel-related information, and much more. Many NFC-enabled phone transactions can be implemented with existing transport contactless infrastructure, requiring only minor additional updates.”

Readers can download a copy of the white paper in PDF format from the NFC Forum’s website.

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