Oberthur launches SIM+antenna and Mifare DESFire NFC solutions

Oberthur Technologies has launched a new NFC add-on and an NFC SIM designed to support Mifare DESFire applications.

Oberthur NFC SIM Adaptor
ADAPTOR: Oberthur\’s NFC SIM+antenna add-on

The new NFC SIM Adaptor is aimed at payments, transport, retail and loyalty applications, says Oberthur. “Made up of an NFC antenna and controller attached to an NFC SIM card, the NFC SIM Adaptor is a plug and play solution compatible with many fashionable smartphones and feature phones and designed to be easily inserted in the traditional SIM card slot,” the company explains.

“The NFC adaptor supports all NFC features including battery off, tag reading and peer-to-peer,” says Arnaud de la Chapelle, Oberthur’s convergence and solutions general manager. “Our NFC SIM Adaptor offer is the answer for mobile operators willing to deploy NFC services in the field now while ensuring end-user adoption.”

The company is also working with NFC SIM chip supplier STMicroelectronics to provide NFC SIMs supporting Mifare DESFire ticketing technology. “Oberthur Technologies will offer a wide portfolio of Mifare DESFire-enabled SIM cards to its customers, with free memory ranging from 128KB to 768KB and security level required by EMVCo and Common Criteria certifications,” says the company.