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Tyfone granted additional NFC patent

MicroSD and NFC solutions provider Tyfone has been granted a further US patent.

The new patent is entitled “Asymmetric cryptography with user authentication” and has an effective filing date of July 15, 2005. It follows the granting of the company’s mobile phone with electronic transaction card patent application last month and of a core patent related to electronic transaction cards in 2009.

The new patent relates to Tyfone’s u4ia mobile secure transaction platform which, the company says, “addresses today’s business need for high assurance identity authentication and secure access to electronic wallet information even if the mobile phone is not connected to the network at the time of transaction.”

“Apart from secure wallet information access benefits, the algorithm authenticates a user without the pitfalls of password hacking because there is no local storage of direct hashed password or password in the clear,” says Tyfone.

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