Blaze Mobile announces two way NFC sticker that works with any mobile phone

Mobile payments provider Blaze Mobile has announced a new patent pending sticker that supports two way communication between the sticker and the mobile phone it is attached to.

“Consumers can use the Blaze sticker to easily store and select from multiple payment options, like credit, gift and debit cards,” says the company. “Furthermore, Blaze’s sticker offers a myriad of business options beyond mobile payments including remote access to buildings, cars or health care data, and increased data security because of the ability to remotely deactivate lost or stolen stickers.”

“We are excited about the potential of this new smart sticker since it closely mimics the behaviour of NFC embedded inside a cell phone,” explains Michelle Fisher, Blaze Mobile’s CEO. “More importantly, it dramatically increases the number of potential NFC devices, and encourages consumer adoption of contactless payments… Until NFC handsets become commonplace, our payment stickers are a free and easy solution for consumers and industry.”

Existing Blaze Mobile customers can now request an upgrade to the new smart stickers free of charge via the company’s website. The company is also working on mobile payment solutions for mass transit authorities in metropolitan areas, a spokesman told NFC World.

The Blaze stickers also afford mobile coupon and mobile advertising opportunities to brands, virtual key options for office buildings, car rentals, or hotels, and rewards card management to industry, he continued. Blaze will also provide stickers, the Blaze Mobile Wallet app, or any combination of products to meet the needs of partners in the US and abroad.

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