Metro Bank to issue mobile payments stickers in the UK?

Plans at Metro Bank, the first new retail bank to be launched in the UK for more than a hundred years, include the provision of contactless stickers that customers could attach to their mobile phones to make payments at the point of sale, according to Computerworld.

“Metro Bank is attempting to provide superior customer service, with offerings such as long hours of operation seven days a week and the ability to give customers credit or debit cards instantly at branches,” Computerworld explains:

Metro Bank outsourced its IT systems and maintenance to London-based services provider Niu Solutions. The bank has a ‘pay as you grow’ contract under which it will pay more but receive more services as it expands.

Financial details weren’t disclosed, but the deal covers infrastructure and software management, voice and data services, virtual desktops and mobile technology, as well as the bank’s web site, help desk and two data centers.

Metro Bank principally uses the popular Temenos banking software, plus a mix of Oracle, SAP and IBM applications.

The newcomer offers online banking, and it aims to add mobile phone banking next year. Future plans call for systems that branch employees can use to create personalized credit cards for customers on-site, and RFID tags for mobile phones that would allow the devices to be used for contactless payment.

Metro Bank isn’t currently willing to provide any further information regarding the plans, however. “Unfortunately we have no information for you at the moment but we will of course keep you posted,” a bank spokesperson told NFC World.

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