Mobey Forum members now represent 25% of the world’s banking customers

Mobey Forum‘s banking members have more than 450 million customers around the world, the mobile financial services association has announced, meaning that its members now represent more than 25% of the world’s banking customers.

New members of the association include Turkey’s Garanti Bank as well as mobile payments provider Luup and Nordic IT group EDB Business Partner Norway.

“Since our inception, Mobey Forum has created an environment that encourages debate, information sharing and produces best practice recommendations to assist the mobile and banking communities in bringing convenient and pioneering services to customers,” says Ron van Wezel, chairman of Mobey Forum and director of emerging payment streams at Deutsche Bank. “Having Mobey Forum’s member base represent more than 450 million banking customers globally is a real testament to the organisation’s success and demonstrates the increasing relevance of mobile financial services in today’s economic landscape.”

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