NXP adds NFC to carbon emissions tracking project

NXP has become the lead sponsor of the European Supply Chain Institute’s Supply Chain Carbon Council with the aim of promoting the use of RFID and NFC technology to track the carbon emissions footprint of manufactured products.

The Supply Chain Carbon Council is involved in a multi-year project to develop ways of measuring the total carbon emissions used in the manufacture of an individual product, based on the premise that ‘if you can measure it you can manage it’. The information collected could then be used by businesses to reduce their carbon footprints and would also be provided to consumers on product packaging so that they could take a product’s carbon footprint into account when making a purchasing decision.

“To have an interrogatable label on all products that gives the true real time ’emissions footprint’ of the product is invaluable to business and ultimately the consumer,” explains John Connors, CEO of the European Supply Chain Institute.

“Based on our advanced RFID and NFC IC solutions we can provide substantial system know-how to further improve the visibility of product emissions in the supply chain on a global level,” adds Chris Feige, NXP’s general manager for tagging and authentication. “The RFID tagging of printed circuit boards, for example would enable businesses and consumers to clearly determine the environmental footprint of consumer electronic products.”

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