Turkey, France and China move towards NFC adoption

OPINION: News from Turkey, France and China this week indicates that the NFC market is now beginning to gather pace around the world, as both mobile network operators and banks in more and more countries commit to working together to make near field communication based services a reality.

In Turkey, commercial NFC services are now set to begin as soon as July. In France, the long-awaited pre-commercial pilot in Nice will begin this week, amid talk of plans to expand to Paris, Caen and Strasbourg in the near future. And, in China, both China Telecom and China Unicom have joined with China UnionPay to develop an open platform for the delivery of NFC and mobile payments services across the country.

Coupled with last month’s news that a range of NFC-enabled Android phones will arrive on the market from the end of this year and Apple’s work on NFC-based iPhone services, it’s clear that NFC is now moving rapidly towards widespread market adoption.

Sarah Clark, Editor

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