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Video footage of Visa’s NFC iPhone device now available

The video footage described in the press release NFC World spotted on Tuesday, announcing that Visa is to test an NFC-enabled protective case for the iPhone, is now live on the PR Newswire website.

The footage shows that the NFC add-on, developed by DeviceFidelity, is more than just a stand-alone iPhone protective case. In fact, it appears to connect to the iPhone via the Apple 30-pin dock connector on the bottom of the phone.

We’ll have more details as soon as possible. In the meantime, readers can view the videos on PR Newswire’s website.

Update at 16:12 Oh dear! Now the video has also been taken down.

Here’s what we gleaned from watching the footage: The video shows a two-part casing for the iPhone, into which a DeviceFidelity NFC microSD card is inserted. This casing then fits onto the iPhone, plugging into the device’s dock connector. The product looks as neat and discreet as a protective shell can be, but it is unclear if the case needs to be removed to charge the iPhone. The video goes on to show a transaction being made, with the user selecting a payment application on the iPhone’s screen and then waving the device over a terminal to pay.

• You can also find more details on Apple’s own plans for NFC, iTunes and the iPhone here.

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