French national home care services association to roll out NFC services

ADMR, the French national association for providers of home care services, is to begin equipping staff with NFC phones from next month.

The association’s 3,350 local members have a total of 90,000 employees, providing services such as assistance to the elderly, gardening, child care and cleaning to 600,000 customers throughout France.

“From April we will begin to equip our employees with NFC phones that they can use to validate their presence and to send reports back to base,” Jean Delannoy, ADMR’s director of information systems has told French publication Les Echos. “All data will be transmitted in real time.”

Initial field tests were conducted using Nokia 6212 NFC phones, Les Echos reports, but ADMR is now considering using Sagem Wireless’ NFC-enabled Cosyphone, aimed at the over 50s, which was announced at the Mobile World Congress.

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