New: Worldwide NFC trials, tests and live services listed

A new page has been added to NFC World that makes it easy to discover details of all the NFC trials that are taking place in each country around the world.

LIST: Details of nearly 100 NFC trials, test and pilots organised by country, with links to articles

Since NFC World first began reporting on developments in the international near field communication market in October 2008 we have covered nearly 100 NFC pilots, trials, tests and commercial NFC and related services in 38 countries.

NFC trials, pilots, tests and live services around the world provides links to all the articles we have written about NFC tests and commercial launches, organised by country. It is updated whenever we publish an article about a new NFC project or provide an update on the progress of an existing project.

The page also includes, where available, details of market research and other data related to the potential market for NFC and related services in each country.

Quick links at the top of the page make it easy to quickly access articles on a particular country or, alternatively, readers can simply browse through the complete list to gain an overview of the current state of play worldwide.

• To start exploring the list visit NFC trials, pilots, tests and live services around the world.

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