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Blackboard adds NFC and contactless support to campus card system

Blackboard, which supplies campus card solutions to hundreds of higher education institutes, has launched a new contactless and NFC-compatible version of its Blackboard Transact card system, based on Sony FeliCa contactless technology.

Release 3.6 is a fully integrated technology platform that lets students use their contactless card, or NFC phone, to access secure buildings and facilities, pay for books, meals and laundry, make purchases from vending machines and access events, on and off campus, at significantly faster speeds than with traditional ID technologies.

“We saw Blackboard’s contactless solution as a way for us to keep pace with rapidly changing technology by adopting a solution based on industry standards,” says Nirmal Palliyaguru, director of access and conference services at Santa Clara University. “We knew that Blackboard Transact would help us solve the challenge of increasing data security and establish a base from which we could expand the platform in years to come. Ultimately we see this technology allowing us to replace campus ID cards with mobile phones and devices as the ID.”

“To continually improve the student experience it is critical to methodically innovate and introduce new technologies that meet the increasing demands of today’s students and deliver real return on every dollar invested,” adds David Marr, president and chief operating officer of Blackboard Transact. “Smart contactless technology meets these criteria by letting institutions support and monitor all commerce and security activity from one place while students enjoy the on demand college experience they’ve come to expect.”

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