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Barclays increases contactless transaction limit by 50%

Barclays Bank has increased the transaction limit for contactless cards from £10 to £15.

“Contactless technology is undoubtedly the future of payments and we are seeing it grow hugely in popularity,” says Brian Cunnington, head of debit cards at Barclays. “More than two years after the first customers were issued with contactless cards it is the right time for the industry limit to increase to £15, in line with demand from consumers and retailers alike. The new higher limit gives customers the flexibility of paying for even more transactions quickly, securely and conveniently via a contactless card payment and will lead to more retailers implementing the technology.”

Barclaycard introduced the UK’s first contactless card in 2007 and more than two million contactless-enabled Barclays Visa debit cards and four million contactless Barclaycard credit cards have now been issued. More than 20,000 contactless card accepting POS terminals have now been installed around the country.

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  1. unfortunately, where i live, most of the store staff refuse to let me pay using paypass. tonight i was told i would have to spend more than £7 and then there’d be a 50p charge!

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