Inside Contactless to supply Cosyphone’s NFC technology

The near field communication functionality in Sagem Wireless’ Cosyphone, a new NFC handset designed for the over 50s, is being supplied by Inside Contactless.

The Cosyphone will use all three of Inside’s NFC offerings — the MicroRead NFC controller chip, Wave-Me handset client software and the Open NFC protocol stack announced earlier this month.

“The Cosyphone marks a significant milestone in the development of our NFC technologies, and we are pleased to celebrate their first commercial deployment with our partner, Sagem Wireless,” says André Ponton, vice president of key accounts at Inside Contactless. “The Cosyphone is the embodiment of our vision of enhanced NFC services, going beyond traditional payment and transit fare transactions to actually making the phone easier to use by simplifying access to functions and services.”

With Inside’s Wave-Me technology in the Cosyphone, users will be able to access relevant, profile-based services with a simple waving gesture near an NFC tag or smart poster. This will automatically simulate a complex series of keystrokes, eliminating awkward, time-consuming, multi-keystroke chores, says the company.

“Sagem Wireless has a close partnership with Inside Contactless and we are pleased to be able to provide the platform for their first commercial NFC deployment with our new Cosyphone,” says Jerome Nadel, executive vice president of marketing and user experience at Sagem Wireless. “Our goal with Cosyphone was to combine the latest technology innovations, including NFC, with a simple, elegant design and easy-to-use interface to create a simple, effective connected lifestyle device which makes life easier.”

The Cosyphone will be available from the beginning of the third quarter of 2010.

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