Casio launches NFC handheld aimed at industrial applications

The Japanese electronics manufacturer’s new rugged PDA is equipped with both 3G mobile data and a range of functions for retrieving and gathering data in the field — including NFC.

MULTI-TALENTED: Casio's all-singing handheld includes NFC
MULTI-TALENTED: Casio's all-singing handheld includes NFC

Casio Electronics has launched an industrial PDA with integrated phone that includes NFC and 3G wireless functionality as standard.

The IT-800RGC-35 is aimed at industrial applications and comes with a range of features for retrieving and gathering information in a variety of environments, including an auto-focus digital camera, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, both regular and 2D barcode reading and near field communication.

The new PDA runs Windows Mobile 6.5 and comes with security features such as a login verification system that uses contactless smart card technology and automatic erasing of PDA data if the device has not been operated for a certain period of time. Mifare and FeliCa card reading functionality is included.

The IT-800 is aimed at mobile sales applications, direct store delivery, logistics, warehouse applications, parking enforcement, meter reading, checking retail inventories and preparing deliveries, railway ticketing and checking 2D barcode-based airline boarding passes.

The new device is generating substantial interest amongst Casio’s customer base, Guy Boxall, Casio UK’s head of mobile technology, told NFCW. And, he added, whilst most potential buyers don’t see the device’s in-built NFC functionality as its main advantage, they do like the fact that the IT-800 future proofs them against NFC-related developments in their markets.

The IT-800 will cost under £1,000 in volume — a similar price to competing PDAs without NFC functionality, says Boxall — and will be available from the end of 2009.

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