MasterCard certifies Venyon’s TSM service

Venyon‘s data center in Munich, Germany has become the first in Europe to receive certification under the MasterCard Mobile Provisioning Security Requirements, enabling the company to provide approved Trusted Service Manager (TSM) services to MasterCard issuers.

The certification covers the use of Venyon to provide TSM services such as secure management and over-the-air application download as well as personalization services to NFC-enabled mobile phones.

“Since MasterCard TSM certification applies both to physical and logical security, it gives assurance to financial institutions that the confidentiality and integrity of payment data is protected according to MasterCard requirements during the whole management process from the banks’ back-end systems all the way to secure storage on the NFC phones of end-users,” says Venyon.

“Delivering advanced payment services requires multiple partners acting as a team in support of the customer,” explains James Anderson, vice president mobile at MasterCard Worldwide. “MasterCard has a track record of working with world-class companies and so we are pleased to certify Venyon so that they can support MasterCard issuing banks in providing secure contactless mobile services around the world.”

“Venyon’s readiness to provide commercial TSM services and its MasterCard certification is an important step in enabling financial institutions to commercialize their contactless mobile payment services,” addedLauri Pesonen, Venyon’s CEO . “The completed certification demonstrates our compliance with the stringent security requirements set by MasterCard and we are happy to be the first in Europe to achieve it.”

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