Sagem Orga unveils Internet of Things solution

Sagem Orga is to present a software solution that enables communication between objects in the Internet of Things at Cartes 2009 next week.

The new system uses a new communication protocol called HIP-TAG and has been developed by Sagem Orga in conjunction with Telecom ParisTech, LIP6 and CNAM, all partners in the ‘Things to things in the Internet of Things’ (T2TIT) research project.

“T2TIT defines and standardizes an architecture enabling communication between an application server and many objects,” Sagem Orga explains. “Its global architecture offers a secure way to have RFID tags authenticated by a server while maintaining full privacy. It uses cryptography to secure connections and guarantees anonymity and non-traceability.”

“This software solution can be adapted to any application and is interoperable with any other application using this technology,” says Didier Sérodon, Chief Technology Officer at Sagem Orga. “It can thus act as a global standard, and this will facilitate the deployment of the Internet of Things worldwide.”

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