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New Toshiba NFC phone being developed by Toppan Forms, NXP and iWOW

The new phone will be based on Toshiba’s TG01 Windows Mobile handset. It will use NXP’s PN544 NFC controller and will be compliant with the Single Wire Protocol standard. It will be produced in test volumes only to begin with but the companies have big plans for the future.

“As Toshiba plans its expansion into the global mobile phone market, Toppan Forms is taking advantage of NFC’s capabilities as a globally adopted short-range contactless technology to develop an optimised product for the world’s mobile phone market,” says Toppan. “The test phone currently under development will allow Toppan Forms to offer global telecoms operators and network providers with a one-stop environment for NFC related technology, which will ultimately help to drive new business model for NFC technology’s expansion.”

More details later on when the handset is likely to be available…

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