What’s the current state and future potential of NFC in the Americas?

Work is now almost complete on the Asia-Pacific section of The NFC Report, the new research report being written by Near Field Communications World’s editor, Sarah Clark. Now, our attention is turning to the Americas…

With over forty NFC trials and commercial launches, including several now just waiting on the widespread availability of reliable NFC handsets to go live, putting together comprehensive information on the current status of near field communication services in the Asia-Pacific region has ended up being quite an undertaking.

Sections of the report covering India, Pakistan and Taiwan — including innovative services in the healthcare, micro banking and access control markets — have now been added to The NFC Report website, alongside the existing sections on Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. Research for the final countries in the Asia-Pacific sections of the report — South Korea, China and Japan— is now also almost complete and should be ready for publication during the next two to three weeks.

Can you help?

We’re turning our attention to the Americas for the next section of The NFC Report. We’ve collected together background information on all the trials that have taken place to date but, for The NFC Report, we also want to talk to those of you working on NFC — as a supplier or a potential service provider — in the US, Canada, Central or South America so that The NFC Report contains not just publicly available information but also a unique insight into the current state of play.

If you are based in the Americas and would like to add your knowledge to the research process, please do get in touch with Sarah Clark as soon as possible.

• The NFC Report is the most comprehensive guide available to the technology, applications, suppliers and market potential of near field communication around the world. The report is scheduled for publication towards the end of 2009 and clients who place their order now are able to stay a step ahead of the game by accessing each section of the report as it is completed, via The NFC Report’s customer-only website. For more information, please visit www.TheNFCReport.com.

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