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Now any Bluetooth handset can do NFC — for just $25

OPINION: Yet another way to get around the absence of NFC handsets has been announced this week and, this time, it’s a really strong contender.

Hong Kong based Cell Idea has launched an NFC device that adds near field communication functionality to any Bluetooth-equipped mobile handset.

The company says it should cost under $25 when it goes into production in May, raising the possibility that consumers will no longer have to be convinced to pick an NFC phone in order to get near field communication functionality. Instead, they will be able to make their choice from any Bluetooth phone, including the one they already have in their pocket, and simply add NFC via an inexpensive add-on. This one’s going to play well with the iPhone crowd…

Sarah Clark, Editor

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  1. My company is prepared for NFC Vending. We are based out of Switzerland and would love to be able to test your system in the US market. Please advise if we can participate! 1-800-879-3586 EST Thank you!!

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