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US tradeshows collect visitor information with NFC phones

Five hundred Nokia NFC phones were issued to exhibitors by event registration specialists ITN International at last week’s Greenbuild 2008. A host of advanced features such as the over-the-air provision of promotional information, special invitation tickets and event-based social networking are to be added soon…

TOUCH AND GO: 150,000 NFC transactions were logged during the three day show in Boston
TOUCH AND GO: 150,000 NFC transactions were logged during the three day show in Boston

ITN International, a provider of registration services and information exchange tools for trade shows and events, says it deployed five hundred NFC-enabled Nokia phones at the Greenbuild 2008 show in Boston last week.

The phones were issued to five hundred of the eight hundred exhibitors at the show that had opted to use ITN’s lead management solutions. The exhibitors used the Nokia 6212 phones to wirelessly scan visitors’ NXP chip-equipped badges to collect contact information and qualified inquiries, and to conduct surveys. The event attracted over 25,000 attendees and 150,000 NFC transactions took place in all over the three days of the show.

“Launching our Touch ‘N Go Event Solutions on the Nokia 6212 classic NFC phones has finally allowed us to provide a completely integrated NFC mobile lead retrieval product to exhibitors at tradeshows and events,” said ITN’s president, Ivan Lazarev.

“It won’t be long until many applications will be available for attendees to download over the air before or during an event,” he explained. “Attendees will be able to download coupons and special invitation tickets onto their own NFC phones. They will be able to use their own NFC phones to touch hotspots on posters that will instantly launch brand or product messaging and facilitate social networking.”

“Touch ‘N Go poster hotspots can initiate customized, targeted messaging such as videos and brochures and can initiate applications that enable the exchange of contact information and deliver preloaded cash value or prize points to the phone,” Lazarev added.

“ITN continues to drive the deployment of NFC technology in event marketing, by using our contactless chips inside Bcard credentials and the new Nokia 6212 classic NFC mobile phones at Greenbuild 2008”, said Jeff Fonseca, NXP’s director of business development and sales. “ITN developed the perfect formula for the tradeshow and events industry, and has proven their ability to successfully deliver powerful NFC experiences.”

• You can see a video of the Touch ‘N Go system in action at Greenbuild 2008 on the ITN International website.